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Replacing an air conditioner is a major investment. Dunedin Refrigeration is a Class A State Air Conditioning contractor, which is an unlimited license and allows us to do any size air conditioner, anywhere in the State of Florida. An Air Conditioning License allows you to sell, service and install air conditioning systems. If you’re changing out an older unit, with a new machine, chances are the new unit is a lot more efficient than that older unit was. And more efficient means it uses less electricity. Less electricity means it requires smaller breakers, possibly new disconnects, different wire sizes and you need to have someone that’s qualified in that kind of work. Mike Bowman is a certified electrical contractor, which means he can do any size wiring anywhere in the State of Florida.

The State of Florida also has building and energy codes which dictate how to build the structure and how efficient the building has to be. The energy codes are going to dictate that duct systems have to be tested and certified as to how much leakage they have. The leakage has to be below a certain point or you have to repair or replace that duct system. We are a Class 1 HERS Rater, which is a national certification. We can certify that duct system and tell you what needs to be done in order to take care of it.

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If you start to have issues with your air conditioning system,
here are some troubleshooting tips:

1. Check your thermostat. Is your thermostat set for the desired temperature?
2. Check your filters. If a filter is clogged, the system will not work correctly.
3. Check your breakers. Are your breakers tripped? If you are unsure, reset your breakers.

If it is none of the above call Dunedin Refrigeration and we will come out to service your air conditioner. If there is an issue, the majority of the time we have our trucks stocked with parts to resolve your issue. Parts are available the same day or sometimes the next day.

We do the job right.

My job is to be very well verse in mechanical and electrical codes. Any time you install a new air conditioning system in your home, you are required to have a permit. A lot of companies will tell you a permit is not needed or to pull a permit as a homeowner. Usually this is a sign that they are not properly license or insured. We are properly licensed, we’re insured, we have worker’s comp and we do the job right.

Plan Maintenance Agreements

A preventative maintenance inspection is recommended by all manufacturers and will keep you from going into the summer and winter months without having your system checked. Many people do not realize the damage that can be caused by a dirty filter or a system low on refrigerant. This can cause your system to ice up, cutting off your cooling efficiency and raising your electric bill. We also keep your drain line clean of debris, This agreement includes discounts on filters and parts. Once you’ve been established as a maintenance customer, we will contact you from our office and schedule an appointment at your convenience. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your air conditioning system, while helping you to maintain your system’s efficiency.

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We service all makes and models of central air conditioning

Including: Rheem, Goodman, Daikin, Heil, Amana, Ruud, Nordyne and many more.